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LU THORNELY has been a party caterer in Ireland for over ten years, cooking for both large wedding celebrations and smaller parties at home.

Lu always uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients where possible and works closely with clients to make sure her menus reflect both the environment she is working in and the style of the celebration.

After working alongside chef Mick Duignan at Dublin’s Michelin recommended restaurant, Dunville Place, Lu helped to establish organic food chain, Nude. Forming a partnership with food entrepreneur Laragh Stuart, Lu also ran a successful artisan food business (LaraLu Foods) in the city before moving into party catering.  

Lu has worked on many high profile events over the past decade; from cooking at Leixlip Castle at Jasmine Guinness and Gawain Rainey’s wedding, to catering for parties hosted by Amanda Pratt (Avoca) and independent food writer and consultant, Hugo Arnold.

Lu's special BBQ Banquets and buffet Food Tables are always accompanied with inspirational Salads. Always working to develop innovative ways of serving food at parties, Lu now recommends Togo Boxes as an unique way to introduce simple, heart-warming food at a winter’s cocktail party or Indian Tiffins to serve great food at a wedding or at a garden-party picnic.

“I started loving food at the feet of my mother. She’s a great cook. My earliest memory is standing on a chair learning how to make her gravy. I was often told off in my house for using my finger to clean my plate! And really this is what I am all about. I love to eat good food. I love discovering recipes that I can present beautifully and that have simple, excellent flavours.

“I was a nomadic cook for some time, moving from place to place and soaking up local cooking secrets and techniques; Morocco, Corsica and Scotland were particularly spectacular places to work, offering wild, tasty ingredients. I also moved to India to continue to adapt local recipes and perfect my curry.

“I  worked in a villa in the Mediterranean, where a basket on a winch would bring up a daily catch direct from the rocks to my kitchen. I had to work instinctively and quickly with all sorts of Mediterranean delicacies; freshly harpooned octopus, raw urchins or lovely whitebait and langoustines. Those months spent picking fresh herbs, combining a myriad of locally grown vegetables and eating alfresco will always stay with me, and the work I now like to do.

  • Team Shot

"I have a core team who have worked with me for ten years. Together we have proved to work fearlessly and have fun together in all situations. I believe the kitchen represents all that nourishes and sustains life in the home – which is why it’s so important to kick off any party with a great atmosphere at the heart of mine."