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    • Griddled asparagus served with a squeeze of lemon and parmesan shavings.

    • Asparagus Grilled
    • Wild mushroom and gruyere tartlet. 

    • Quiche
    • Tarte tatin. 

    • Apple Tarts



For a BBQ banquet, butterflied leg of lamb looks wonderful on an open fire grill and creates a sensational centerpiece. I marinade meat over several days to make sure it has a deeply aromatic flavour. 

A platter of griddled asparagus spears, served with a tangy Hollandaise sauce and brought to each table for guests to share is always popular. This makes a lovely appetizer and gives your guests an intimate, 'dinner party style' experience. 

Or by combining a BBQ and a classic Food Table, it's possible to marry griddled meat with classic dishes and lively Salads such as roasted butternut squash, feta and mint. 

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